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Q1. What is the difference between Universities and Colleges in Canada ?

Ans : Universities work independently formulating their own curriculam, teaching methods and strategies. Besides they can set all the policies, and do academic planning. Colleges on the other hand are permitted to provide degrees only after a quality assessment process by the government.

Q2. How long does it take to get PhD Degree in Canada ?

Ans : PhD degree programs are two to three years in duration

Q3. What type documents one need to apply for Canada Student Visa ?

Ans : Generally Applicants require:

Proof of acceptance and enrolment to an accredited academic institution in Canada.

A valid passport/travel document and proof of financial support.

Proof of no criminal history or endangering medical conditions.

Q4. How much will I have to pay for accommodation in Canada ?

Ans : Accommodation varies depending on the region and the type of accommodation. But approximately it would be $7000 – $15 000 per year. Rents vary greatly due to the location, quality and availability. To keep expenses low, most of the students share accommodation

Q5. . Can I work while studying in Canada ?

Ans : International students can only have on-campus jobs, otherwise a student should apply for a work permit. To qualify for the work permit, you should have a valid study permit and be a full-time student at a recognized postsecondary educational institution.However, some small jobs don’t require a work permit, but usually they are not paid very well.

Q6. What kind of job an international student get in Canada ?

Ans : Usually international students go for part time opportunities in service industry, and do such jobs as cleaning, washing, servicing in restaurants/cafes as waiters, etc.

Q7. Do I need health insurance if I want to study in Canada ?

Ans : All international students in Canada should have health insurance.